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Welcome! Bienvenue! Karibu! مرحباً! Bem-vindo!

Urgent Action Fund-Africa, is a consciously feminist and women’s human rights pan-African Fund established in 2001 in Nairobi, Kenya. As the first rapid response Fund on the continent, UAF-Africa adds value to the work of activists and civil society organisations focusing on women’s active socio-political participation and visibility by leveraging resources and opportunities for critical engagement that advance women’s human rights.

Our Vision

We envision...

A world where African women are leading change agents at all levels of society with full access to opportunities, justice and resources – a world in which women and girls thrive.

What we do

As the first rapid response Fund on the continent, UAF-Africa adds value to the work of women’s rights activists and organisations through provision of critical financial and technical resources. At UAF-Africa money is recognized as a fundamental tool in protecting and advancing women’s rights and enabling their participation in crucial processes that contribute to shifting of power relations. Read more…
Grantee Spotlight

Association Foundation YTTO, a Morocco-based NGO, established in 2004, aims to defend the rights of women, fight against all form of violence against women, and advocate to change discriminatory policies in Morocco. The association also provides shelter and contributes to social and economic rehabilitation of women who have been victims of violence.

With a rapid response grant from UAF-Africa, YTTO Foundation carried out campaigns against the Marriage Bill that foresees the reduction of the age of marriage at 16 years. The campaigns also served to advocate and lobby policy makers to ensure that the promotion and defense of women’s rights are respected.

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