"We invest in women's power

to change the status quo"

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Urgent Action Fund-Africa (UAF-Africa) is a pan-African and feminist Fund, established in 2001 in Nairobi, Kenya. Using a rapid response grant making (RRG) model, the Fund supports unanticipated, time-sensitive, innovative, and bold initiatives. The financial and technical resources the Fund provides enable African feminists and women's rights organisations to seize windows of opportunity, fracture patriarchy, amplify their voices, enhance their visibility, and become significant actors who can influence policy and law while shaping discourse. This way, UAF-Africa fills a unique grant making niche within the African feminist movement, providing stepping stones to activists as they use their agency and resilience to achieve social, economic, political and environmental justice.

UAF-Africa operates as a virtual organisation with an imprint across four African sub-regions. The Fund has a strategic and physical presence in East, Central, North and Southern Africa. Funding urgently and strategically is a 24-hour and 365-day job. The Fund has acquired the expertise, tools and resilience needed to thrive in her operating environment.

Our high-tech funding mechanisms ensure that we respond to urgent requests within 24 hours, true to the name Urgent Action Fund-Africa. To date, the Fund has supported over 700 women's strategic initiatives in 48 African countries. Grant applications are accepted in the 5 African Union official languages (English, French, Kiswahili, Portuguese and Arabic).


15 March, 2017

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01 March, 2017

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