Q: What is rapid response grantmaking?

Rapid response grantmaking is the provision of immediate small grants within a short period of time to support interventions that are strategic and urgent which may not be part of planned programme activities and are not covered by long term funding.

Q: How much are our rapid response grants?

UAF-Africa provides grants of upto a maximum USD 12,000.

Q: What do we mean by unanticipated and time-urgent?

The situation or opportunity is unexpected and action must happen quickly ( the activity will take place/commence within one to two months of the situation or opportunity) to be effective.

Q: What do we mean by strategic?

The action is related to a pre-determined plan to create structural change that will advance and protect women’s human rights.

Q: What do we mean by supported?

The group has the support of others involved in women’s human rights or related fields, locally, nationally or regionally.

Q: What do we mean by sustainable?

The group is able to carry out the proposed action effectively, and can secure funding for future work related to the strategy.

Q: What don’t we fund?

UAF-Africa does not fund:

  • Humanitarian interventions e.g. (food, clothing, medical supplies etc. )
  • Individual participation at conferences, workshops etc.
  • Funding for income generating activities.
  • Capital expenditure e.g. vehicles, computers, furniture or for on-going office running costs.
  • We do not have any party-political agendas and as as such we do not provide funding for party political campaigns.
  • We do not make grants for the furthering of any religious agenda/group.

Q: Who do we fund?

UAF-Africa supports women’s groups within Africa responding to an urgent situation and working towards the overall goal of promoting, advancing and protecting women’s human rights. Grants to organisations with a broader human rights agenda may be issued at the discretion of UAF-Africa, where the initiative/ activity proposed has a clear and focused benefit to women and or the African women’s rights movement.

Q: When do we receive and review grant applications?

At UAF-Africa we receive grant applications throughout the year. We do not have specific grant cycles.

Q: Can we fund individuals?

UAF-Africa does NOT fund individuals. Though we make grants to women’s human rights defenders we do so through organisations working for the promotion of women’s rights. Applications MUST be received from an organisation.

Q: Which parts of Africa do we cover?

UAF-Africa supports women’s rights organisations and activists in the entire African region.

Q: How fast can we provide grants?

UAF-Africa responds to all grant proposals within 24 hours with an acknowledgement, decline or request for further information. The speed with which a successful grant will be processed will depend on the time expended on the due diligence process which will include among other requirements, obtaining additional information and endorsements.

After submitting an application, the applicant organisation/group is likely to be contacted by a member of UAF-Africa’s staff with questions to clarify the application. Lobbying in support of applications is not encouraged. All applicants will receive a written response whether or not their application is successful.