Masimanyane Women’s Support Centre (MWSC)

Location: South Africa
Summary: A government initiative seeking to provide employment to young people from disadvantaged and rural
backgrounds turned soar when a young lady was raped and later murdered while undergoing training as a sailor.
The reasons behind her rape and murder remain unknown as the report of the Ship’s management stated that she
had committed suicide. Even after the young woman’s death, a number of fellow women and men trainees were
reportedly raped. These survivors however chose to remain silent as they were afraid to expose what had
happened to them during the training lest they lost the training opportunity. UAF-Africa provided the group
with funds to file a legal case that would set a precedent for the kind of laws and policies required to
ensure the safety and security of women in male dominated industries and to hold the government accountable
on its commitment toward domesticating CEDAW.

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