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Pastoralin’ny Mpiasan’ny Orinasa Vehivavy (PMOV)

Location: Madagascar
Summary: The 2009 political crisis in Madagascar began at a time when the country had to deal with the effects of
the 2008/2009 global financial crisis that led to the closure of many of the international and internationally
supported organizations and companies. This was happening at a time when the country was struggling
high levels of unemployment, crime, insecurity, sexual and gender based violence, trafficking, internally
displaced persons (IDPs) and poverty. In early 2010, the peace talks failed and during the same period, the
country was hit by a tropical storm that left about 40 people dead and approximately 37,000 others homeless, worsening
an already deplorable situation in the country. UAF-Africa supported PMOV to carry out a mapping and
documentation exercise of the situation of human rights following the political and food crisis in the country
to facilitate fact based advocacy to promote women’s leadership and participation in the peace building
and transitional justice processes.