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Reflections for the field: Day 2

By: Dr. Florence Baingana

Today we went to West Point, Monrovia, one of the places that was quarantined. They are not happy that they were quarantined, they believe it was no fair. The impact of the quarantine is that people were not able to go to the market, the mainstay of most of the people here. It is a High Density Urban Slum that is bordered by a river and the ocean. They also make money by selling fish wholesale to those who come in to buy and re-sale elsewhere. Due to the quarantine, those who come in to buy were not able to come.

People that we talked to include Women Leaders, a Women’s NGO, Male Community Leaders, as well as some of the Contact Tracers and the one Laboratory Technician.A taste of the issues coming up: There are mixed responses as to whether Ebola is real; some say yes….but we have never had a single patient in our community, no one has given us a certificate that says so and so died of Ebola….but patients went to the Ebola Treatment Unit (ETU), and never came back.